1) Engine type: Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air-Cooled, Horizontal type

2) Displacement(ml): 49.4         

3) Max Power(kw/r/min): 2.4/7500    

4) Max Torque(N.m/r/min): 3.0/6000

5) Ignition system: CDI            

6) Gear : CVT                                          

7) Fuel tank capacity(L): 5.0                      

8) Economical oil exhaust(L/100km): 2.5             

9) Max speed(km/h): 60

10) Transmission: Belt Drive

11) Brake Type(front / rear): Disc Brake / Drum Brake 

12) Wheelbase(mm): 1390

13) Ground clearance(mm): 190

14) Seat Height (mm): 770

15) Tires (front / rear): 130/60-13/130/60-13​​​​















COLORR: Black,Blue/Black,Red,Yellow/Black,Orange,Golden Shine,Green & Pearl Pink

​Gator 50 - STT

Colors may vary depending on availability

Monkey Series

110-135cc Mini Bikes

The Monkey Series consists of six different mini bikes; the Blade, Mango P, Mango, Dart, Champion, and Leo. We currently have the three pictured, color and model. The side car mini bike is a Mango P, a 107cc mini with a weight capacity of 198.5lbs, and tops out at about 43mph. It is a blast to ride, and is great for camping. If you need to get from one place to another quick, hop on your little Mango P and put your cooler on the side car! The blue mini pictured is the Champion, a 123cc mini with a weight capacity of 198.5lbs, and tops out at about 49mph. This bike is a little taller, yet still small enough for those of us who are short. These bikes are NOT made for little kids! They are all over 50cc, and you do need a cycle endorsement to ride them legally. The third and final mini that we have in stock is the lime green Leo, a 123cc mini with a 198.5 weight capacity, and tops out at about 49mph. This mini is so much fun! All three mini bikes are semi automatic, you still have to shift, but no clutching. The handle bars are able to be removed for more convenient storage.

Colors and styles depend on availability.

Colors and styles depend on availability.

Certain colors and styles vary depending on availability.

Gator 50 Moped

Ice Bear Trikes

Ace PST50-12

Alas, we've come to the end of our list of Ice Bear bikes, the eighth and final bike that we like to call a "big seller." The Ace 50cc trike is a comfortable touring bike, great for getting around town. It has a towing capacity of 66lbs, a weight capacity of 220lbs, a 1.2 gallon tank, and tops out at about 41mph. Stop in and test drive one of our Ice Bear scooters today!

Ice Bear Trikes

Mini Cruzzer PST50-9

The Ice Bear Mini Cruzzer is the ideal moped for hauling. It has a weight capacity of 220lbs, towing capacity of 66lbs, and a 2.2 gallon tank. This bike tops out at about 41mph, and has a tour pack and a front basket for your carrying needs, weather it be grocery shopping, or knick knacks, you'll have plenty of space for whatever it is you're moving!

Ice Bear Trikes

Pluto 50cc PST50-5

The Pluto PST50-5 is a 49.5cc 4-stroke trike. Front and rear disc brakes, dual shock suspension, a towing capacity of 66lbs, and a 1.6 gallon tank, this puppy will get you where you need to be! With it's durable steel frame, this trike's weight limit is 441lbs! Although you have a much higher weight limit, you cannot legally ride two people on one of these bad boys, at least not in Wisconsin.

Mad Dog Series


If you like the Mad Dog, you'll like this! This little bike is jam-packed with modifications! Still being a 50cc, it still only goes 35mph at most, but it is cool! This style is a little different than the Mad Dog, being that it is equipped with LED lights, more aerodynamic mirrors, a multicolored muffler and air can, redesigned front brake disc, front fender, and a new seat.

Colors may vary depending on availability.

Colors may vary depending on availability.

Ice Bear Trikes

Mojo PST50-8

Ice Bear may be known for their ATV selection, but they sure are making their way up in the scooter industry! This is the Ice Bear Mojo. These little bikes are a huge seller! They are 50cc, so just as anything else, they top out at about 41mph. They have a 1.2 gallon tank, 220lb weight capacity, and a 66lb towing capacity.

Colors may vary depending on availability.

Mad Dog Series


Here we have yet another version of the Mad Dog. This bike is the Mad Dog 150. You know what that means? It goes fast! This bike just keeps getting better! Not only does it look awesome, but it's faster, and it get's great gas mileage! The best thing about scooters is that they are fantastic for gas mileage, they can get up to 100 miles to the gallon! The Mad Dog get's about 70+ mpg, depending on rider and how it's ridden. The Mad Dog Series all have 1.6 gallon tanks, so gas stops are few and far between!

Ice Bear

Mad Dog PMZ50-19

Here we have one of the biggest competitions known to scooter companies.

Honda makes what is called a Ruckus, which is similar to the Mad Dog, but instead of putting thousands of dollars into upgrading and customizing your Ruckus, Ice Bear came up with the Mad Dog. This little scooter is a blast! The low riding body makes it more fun to maneuver, and the 9" rear tire gives you the ability to lean into your corners without dumping your bike. They are 49cc, and reach speeds of about 35 mph. Not fast enough for you? No worries! The techs here at All Sports can hook you up with a 100cc big bore kit! This kit allows you to reach speeds of 45mph and sometimes even faster! The Mad dog is a loud little bike, and draws everyone's attention. Get yours here today!